Robels Enterprise

Postal Adress:

Claude Debassystraat 26
1544 NL Zaandijk

Tel. 06 2110 6048
Tel. 06 2709 8584

Visiting Adress:

Corsicaweg 10

Shipment And Delivery Conditions(d2d)
I. Payment

  • If description of goods is incorrectly given on our invoice/waybill and this causes problem during custom check, sender will be held responsible for all extra charges
  • If payment is not made 14days after pick up, we will not ship goods and will be kept in storage. A monthly storage fee of €25 will be charged here in Amsterdam.
  • Goods unpaid 14 days after pick up will be left in Amsterdam and be put on the next shipment once payment is done.
  • Robels Enterprise has every right to ask for storage cost in Ghana if goods stay longer than two weeks in our warehouse. The fee will depend on the volume of goods.
  • Shipments by Cash on Delivery are only possible if prior specific arrangements have been made.
  • Part- Payments made after distribution has taken effect will mean that recipients have to wait for the next delivery slot(3/4weeks).
  • Late payment will attract below incasso-cost:


> € 250 € 35
€ 250 - € 450 € 70
€ 450 - € 650 € 105
€ 650 - € 850 € 180
€ 850 - € 1050 € 255
€ 1250 < € 335

II. Insurance

  • All new items have to be insured failure to do so will mean no refund during damage

III. Packaging

  • Packages heavier than 150kg will be handled with forklift and therefore a surcharge will be added to shipment cost.
  • All liquids should be properly labelled, packed and ensured that it is indicated on our waybill.
  • All fragile items must be properly labelled and packed. Robels Enterprise will not be responsible for any damages as a result of poor packaging.


  • Robels Enterprise will not be held responsible for delays caused by bad weather or cancellations of vessel.
  • Clients are advised to give themselves a shipment period between 7 to 8 weeks.

IV. Delivery

  • Recipients are advised to open and check goods delivered with our personnel before signing waybill. Robels Enterprise will not be responsible for loss or damaged of goods which are not checked with personnel from Nabefrans Ghana.
  • Should recipient decide to pick up goods due to impatience from our warehouse, we will unfortunately payout nothing

V. Loss/Damage

  • In case of loss or damage, Robels Enterprise will refund full Amount for only New items if only sender can provide all original receipts. The payment will exclude shipment cost. In view of this senders should always provide us with copies of invoices during pick of goods.
  • For used goods on the other hand, 45% of market value will be refund. Otherwise, we will repair what is reparable in Ghana.

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